Saturday, May 19, 2012

China and Green Chips!

So while I'm in China, the blog will have some simple recipes I can preload. In this case, Green chips.  If you're curious, I'll probably have been in Beijing for about 5 hours when this posts. I'm sure to have lots of pictures when I get back! Anyways, onto the reason you're here. The recipe of the week. Green Chips

You can use Spinach/Kale/etc. Though I'd suggest removing the stems if you're using mustard greens or large leaf kale.These are amazing. My mum loves them...and hates me for making them because they are so unhealthy and yet so amazing. Now, this is one thing you absolutely must use greens you trust for because you can't wash the spinach. It would be too soggy if you did. But get a deep fryer up to about 375F and yes, it needs to be a deep fryer. The amount of moisture in the spinach/kale is more than you think and it will react to the oil so you want something you can close off before you drop the spinach/kale into the oil so you won't get splattered.

Take a pile of spinach/kale right out of the container/bag/whatever. Dump a full thing into your deep fryer basket. Close the lid then lower the basket into the oil. Let it go crazy for about 20 seconds then open the lid and use some tongs or the like to move the spinach around while it's deep frying for about another 30. Keep it in motion if you can. The leaves of the Spinach will get darker as it absorbs the oil.  Keep shaking it out if you can so that the leaves don't get soggy.

Once all the bits are dark green shake as much oil as you can off then place in a bowl lined with a paper towel. Salt lightly and shake some more to get all the excess oil out that you can. Salt lightly if desired, then give it a few seconds to cool, then munch away. Seems kinda weird but they actually taste a little like potato chips. I also use them for decoration on plates and the like. Simple, ne? Really need to upload a prettier picture next time I make these.

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