Monday, July 16, 2012

Foolishness and the Future!

Sorry for the lateness of the posting. There's no recipe today but I hope that will change soon. I had a recipe for Macarons that was going to post on Saturday last week but due to the new and now expired job, that didn't happen because I didn't want to put up a second post without pictures and I'd forgotten to take them the last time I'd made them.

But now, the 'opportunity' turned out to be a MLM scheme and I'm feeling 50 shades of foolish. But it has made me realize that I was even more foolish for another reason. I went to Culinary School and then got a degree in Management for one reason. I wanted to open my own food service business. And I'd lost sight of that. But no longer. I'm now working on my business plan and seeing how I can go about funding the dream. To that end, I'm asking for help. Even if it's just a dollar. Every little bit helps.

I'm not going to stop making yummy things if I don't manage it, but this will help me get one step closer to the dream.

I'll have the French Macaron recipe up by Saturday and thanks for reading! <3

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