Saturday, July 7, 2012

Burrito Wraps

As you're reading this, I'm about to head out to work. I finally got a post graduate position doing sales of all things. But that's okay, because I love it. The big problem is...what do I eat for lunch. I have absolutely nothing around where I work that's safely gluten free unless I eat Wendy's Chili every single day (and even that one isn't 100% guaranteed) so I need something that stores easily and that I can eat easily without spilling it onto me. That's where burritos/wraps come in. I loved Chipotle when I could eat them and I still love the idea of burritos...but have you seen what passes for gluten free burritos? Terrifying. I felt like I was eating waxy bendable crackers. Yuck. And don't even think about trying to roll them, they just crack and break. Not fun at all. Plus, the taste? Super bland.

So I did some hunting and a LOT of research. Because if I was going to have a gluten free tortilla, it was going to have to pass A's taste test too, because the darling man is going GF with me despite not having the same problems although he's had a little more of the issues lately. Not quite sure what to do about that. >_< So I took the Living Without's basic recipe and changed up a few things, mostly which GF flour recipe I used and added my own tweaks. I used the High Protein one instead of the All purpose. Gives it more elasticity. Then I added flavorings such as Spinach or Sun dried Tomato. Or in this case, just some garlic powder and Italian seasoning so it doesn't taste so bland.

Mise en Place

Heavy Duty Stand Mixer (Like a KitchenAid 4qt or the like) with both paddle and dough hook.
Parchment paper
Dough scraper
Measuring cups/spoons
Grill surface or pan
Large Flipping spatula
Rolling pin/Noodle pin
Little bit of water (I have a bottle with water and oil right by my stove for testing and oiling surfaces) 


1 cup Brown Rice Flour (Yes, I add more brown rice flour to the mix)
1/2 cup Sweet Rice Flour
1 teaspoon xanthan gum
1 TB unflavored Gelatin
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon kosher salt
4 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 cup warm water (about 100°F)
2 oz Sundried Tomato Paste (It's a mix of olive oil and pureed SD tomatoes. Mostly to your liking for texture)
Little bit of extra oil
Your fillings

Disclaimer: I know that Soy Flour has a weird taste but once you put the filling in, I like to think that it's mostly not noticable. You can substitute one of the other flours, but keep in mind, you really need the protein so it stretches and folds like a real wrap.

The recipe itself is pretty simple. Throw your dry ingredients into the mixer and let it do it's thing for several minutes until it's almost a crumbling mess. Add the oil, and tomato paste and then the water until it looks like it's trying to make a dough. Switch out the paddle for the dough hook and let the dough hook work until it starts pulling together and trying to slide out of the bowl. Unless you have  a huge mixer bowl, don't try to do double batches though.

Once you're done, weight it off for 4-5 equal pieces. You're looking for around 175-200 grams in weight for the right amount of dough. Place each round between two pieces of parchment and roll out with your rolling pin/noodle pin until it's nice and thin. Probably a little thinner than you think it should be.

This is the point you want to prep any fillings except for rice. Rice should have been prepared beforehand.

Now, I like using my Griddle appliance for this because I can get bigger pieces of tortilla on it. But you can use a pan. Lay it down flat ( I usually use the side of my hand or the rolling pin.) and when the edges start to curl up from the heat and you can see a bit of the bubbling from the other side, flip it over. This should take about a minute on medium-high heat. Then let it go for about another 45-60 seconds and then fill and fold away. They are a little more fragile than normal tortillas but if your hands can take the heat, you should have no problem folding them.

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